3 Social Media Networks to Use in 2016

3 Social Media Networks to Use in 2016

There are a lot of different social media networks available for everyone to use but some of them are more popular than others in Romania. It is important for your business to be on as many networks as possible but this can be time consuming as it requires you to create content, therefore I will just focus on the most popular social media networks to use for the Healthcare industry in Romania.

Facebook for business

Facebook facilitates all type of businesses to have a page for their community. If you don’t already have a page, you should create one as soon as possible. Facebook is the most used social media network in Romania with over 8 million users.

People visit Facebook to keep in touch with their family and friends but also with their favorite brands. People tend to follow their favorite brands on Facebook in order to receive more information about the products or services they offer. They also expect to see special Facebook promotions and discounts targeted for them

A Facebook page will give a voice to your business. You will be able to promote your services but more importantly you will be able to talk to your customers and create a different type of relationship with your clients. It’s a great tool for you to quiz your customers on what they like and dislike. It will help you improve your existing products/services and launch new products/services with great success.

A Facebook page is a MUST-HAVE for your business.


Foursquare for business

Foursquare uses location intelligence to build a platform that connects businesses and consumers who visit their location. Foursquare currently has two phone apps on the market: Foursquare and Swarm. Foursquare is for rating and Swarm is for check-ins. Unlike Facebook, Foursquare automatically creates a business page for everyone; so Foursquare users can already give ratings and write reviews about your business. 

The Foursquare app let consumers discover new places around them and give them the possibility to check-in through the Swarm app and rate the businesses they visited. Consumers are strongly influenced by a business rating and if the ratings are negative, they are most likely not going to come. It is important for your business to pay attention to what the critics are saying. This tool will help you improve your business, your customer service but also attract new consumers with the set of tools Foursquare is offering for businesses. 

Foursquare may seem like an underdog compared to other social media networks with it’s 90,000 Romanian users, but considering the importance of the medical tourism in Romania, it may help you attract to your business some of the 3 million Foursquare users currently active in Romania.

Claim your business, today! https://support.foursquare.com/hc/en-us/articles/201063930-How-to-claim-your-listing-s-

YouTube for Business

YouTube allows people from across the world to discover, watch and share videos created by their users. Now in order to create a channel on YouTube, you will need a Google account. As you may know, Google bought YouTube a few years back; therefore it requires you to have an account with them in order to create your channel. Upon creating a YouTube channel, it automatically creates a Google+ business page if you don’t already have one. (Even though Google+ is another popular social media network, I recommend you focusing your time on other networks, which will have a stronger impact for your business)

With that said, there are many reasons why you should use YouTube for your brand. One of them is the fact that YouTube has close to 1 million users in Romania. Another reason to use this platform is to take example of the Healthcare industry in the US. Hospital web traffic has increased 119% year over year using YouTube. Patients want to find more information about hospitals but they also want to understand complicated treatments and procedures. This social media network is definitely on the rise and you should take advantage of it.

Create a channel for your business.



This concludes my list of the 3 social media networks you should use as a healthcare professional. All of these tools are free to use and they all have tutorials to help you through the process. I may not have mentioned other networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. 

Social media networks in Romania are all growing and you can surely expect other networks to grow in popularity. I recommend you using all three social media networks mentioned above to increase the level of engagement from your fans.

Thank you for reading my article; please feel free to share your thoughts with me by leaving me a comment below.





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