Three reasons to join LinkedIn in 2016

Three reasons to join LinkedIn in 2016

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with over 300 million users. You may know LinkedIn has a network that helps you build a professional identity online and connect with colleagues and companies. LinkedIn is also a great tool to discover professional opportunities, business deals and it also generates new leads for your business.

According to the 2015 social media marketing industry report, 41% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn the most important social media platform, while 30% prefer Facebook and 20% prefer Twitter. These stats come as no surprise when each platform has different goals and different audiences. If you sell products directly to consumers, LinkedIn is most definitely not the best platform for you. On the other hand, if you sell products to businesses, LinkedIn provides a massive opportunity to generate more leads. 

Let me give you 3 reasons why LinkedIn is important to you.

    1. Medical Industry is changing

The medical industry is changing in Romania, as the government is committed to achieve structural reforms to enhance the quality and efficiency of the health system through 2020. This represents a lot of opportunities to connect with the right people and the right business. The Romanian market is expected to rely heavily on imports as the domestic market produces outdated equipment, which cannot compete with foreign products in prices. This means, some of you may have to connect with companies located outside of Romania and these companies are already using LinkedIn. Join the network to increase your online presence not only locally but also worldwide. 

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    2. Visibility through a Company Page:

A company page will give you more exposure and visibility for your business. LinkedIn users are able to follow you, which means they see your updates, news or other announcements in their personal feed. That’s another way to easily promote your new service you just launched. Company pages have a feature called Showcase. Showcase is an extension of your company page, which lets you share specific content for a targeted audience. One of the latest features is customer recommendation. Just like on your personal profile, satisfied customers can recommend your business on it`s page. 

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    3. Community through a LinkedIn Group

Like any social media network, it’s good to promote your products and services but you won’t sell anything if you don’t create a community around your product or services. That’s what LinkedIn groups are here for. It allows you to position yourself as a thought leader in a specific domain, so pick your topic for the group carefully. Start sharing high quality content, answer questions and become a trusted advisor and don’t forget to invite people to join your group.

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This concludes my article on why you should join LinkedIn. We live in a digital age, the importance of having a LinkedIn profile for your company is just as important as having a website. LinkedIn is the 3rd largest social media network after Facebook and Twitter. Whether you are a big or a small business, you simply mustn’t ignore it. Everyday LinkedIn users are actively making new connections, finding high quality content and searching for new leads.  

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