Is your practice listed on “Google my business”?

Is your practice listed on “Google my business”?

Nowadays, we all rely on GPS location
and google map in order to get to wherever it is we need to go to. We
take our smartphone out and do a quick search for a business location
and within a second, we have all the information we want; unless your
business is not properly registered on Google my Business. If you
previously used Google places or Google+ for your business, then
Google automatically updated your business information on Google my

  1. What is it?

Google my business let you register
your business on their search engine, so people can find you more
easily by pulling all the important information about your business.
You will become more accessible both on google search and on google

When someone searches for your
business, it will show up first in their search. Right away they will
see important information such as phone numbers, hours of business, a
map showing your location, customers reviews, and pictures.

  1. How doe it works?

You can visit
and sign up for a free account by clicking on this link. You will be
prompt to find your practice location and to claim it. If you are new
and can’t find your business location, you will need to add

Once you register, you will have access
to a dashboard which contains all your business info. You can edit
your business details anytime you want and google will update your
business info automatically on google search and google map.

  1. New business? Here is how
    to get listed

If you can’t find your business
location upon registering, You will need to add it yourself. In this
case, click on google apps and select business. From there, follow
the instructions to add your business detail online.

You will be given a few questions about
your practice. Take the time to carefully answer each question
accurately as it may affect your google listing. The last step is for
google to verify your business. They will send you a postcard to your
business location containing a verification PIN, which you will need
to enter on your Google business profile. The verification PIN is
only valid for 30 days; so make sure you let your staff know when it
arrives. Otherwise, you will have to go through this process again.

Why is it important to register?

People are looking for you on google
search and on google map. Make it easier for them to find you and
register your practice today, if you have done it already. It’s
100% free. Registering your business on Google complements your
practice website and give you a better presence and visibility on

Do you have anything to add to this
article? Please let me know by leaving me a comment below.

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