4 Reasons social media makes you a better healthcare professional

4 Reasons social media makes you a better healthcare professional

    1. Improve your customer service with social media

Having a presence on social media networks can help you improve your practice. Customers are looking to communicate with their healthcare professional on social media and they expect them to be active on social media networks. 

It is possible, some customers may leave you undesirable comments on your social media pages. It is important to respond to these comments, because if they go unanswered the situation may get worse. These negative comments give you the opportunity to show your audience (your followers) that you take customer service very seriously. The proper way to respond to such comments is to offer an apology and to rectify the situation. The next step for you is to take the details of that conversation offline. 

By doing so, you will achieve two things. First, it will prove everyone you care about all your customers and the quality of the services you provide. Second you may turn that unhappy customer into a brand ambassador. A brand ambassador is someone who promotes your brand. By helping this unhappy customer and hopefully fixing the situation and not loosing this customer, you will turn this person into a loyal fan. 

This person will be so happy that you helped him/her that he/she will tell everyone they know about it. And guess what? When their friends are going to ask them about a good healthcare professional, they will mention you.

    2. Use social media to jumpstart your career

A 2009 survey showed that officers who reviewed medical school and/or residency programs checked the applicant`s social media behavior. They used social media to determine how passionate and/or professional an applicant was. If an applicant’s social media content were too unprofessional, it would hurt their admission. On the contrary, if an applicant shared medical content often, his/her application would be considered/accepted. Be mindful of your social media presence.

    3. Use social media to network

It can be difficult to meet face to face with people who can actually help you but it is possible to connect with them on social media. Social media can help you build an online relationship with other people in your industry. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. (Assuming they are on one of these.) You can easily start a conversation or share articles on Facebook or Twitter by tagging them. If you connect with them on LinkedIn, they can see your resume upon connecting or when you update your resume. These people are more likely to hire you if they already know you through social media or to introduce you to someone who can help you. Connect with healthcare professionals frequently; you never know when someone can help you. Remember networking works both ways, so be helpful when you can as well.

    4. Share valuable information

You can share information about a new type of treatment available in your industry. You can educate your audience (followers) to protect themselves during the winter season or you can use recent events such as the Zika virus outburst and advise them if they are traveling. Sharing valuable information about your area of expertise helps establish a more personal and trustworthy relationship with your audience.




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