4 Ideas for your next broadcast on Facebook LIVE

4 Ideas for your next broadcast on Facebook LIVE

Nowadays, a Facebook post containing a video has more importance than any other method of sharing. I am sure by now you have noticed how each video in your newsfeed plays automatically.

Very recently, Facebook rolled out live streaming for everyone. 

Businesses who have used Facebook live have seen their fan’s engagement level go through the roof. Live streaming for your business shows great promises and here are a few ways for your practice to engage your followers

    1. Show what’s behind the curtain

Show some personalities by breaking the traditional boundaries between your practice and your customers. Social media is about socializing and showing your fans the human aspect of your practice. There is no better way to do that, than live streaming. You can interview your staff / doctor and talk about what they do and why they got into this field.

    2. Interactive Q&A

Facebook live is a two-way channel. Anyone watching the broadcast can type a message for everyone to see. You can use this to answer questions people may have. It will also give you an insight about your audience how they think. It will strengthen the bond between you and your audience.

    3. Show your latest product or service

Are you offering a new service or selling a new product? Well, promote your latest product or service on Facebook live. A live presentation is certainly no match to reading a product description.  

    4. Brand ambassador testimonial

Invite one of your patients to give a live review about your services or to participate in a live demonstration about your services.

Live streaming breaks down the traditional barrier of marketing and gives you a unique method to connect with your audience. Broadcasting live can be intimidating but if you prepare a few key points you want to cover in advance, it will help you.

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